Revisiting the 10 Tsunamis: Chronic Anxiety

With the new year upon us, I can’t help but think of the Tsunami of Chronic Anxiety. This Tsunami highlights the impulse of ministries to play defense instead of offense.

You know what I mean…it’s so easy for ministries to get stuck in a paralyzing, anxiety-ridden cycle of cutting costs, programming, and impact. After all, if we pinch pennies, maybe the church will be around long enough to bury its current members.

Leadership expert, Edwin Friedman, notes, “Everything we enjoy as part of our advanced civilization, including the discovery, exploration, and development of our country, came about because previous generations made adventure more important than safety.”

Today’s churches need to consider which approach they will take. Will they take a “safe” approach by cutting staff/programs and resolving themselves to a minor impact on their community, until they bleed out financially? Or will they take a chance on what could be, embracing change, sacrifice, and hope as they try something new?

The reality is, if we want to reach the unreached in our communities, we are going to have to do something that isn’t currently being done. Can you lead your ministry in a new direction? Our hope is that you would have the same passion as a pastor we recently spoke with who exclaimed, “We really are up for anything; if it is going to see people get saved and see this city impacted for Christ, we’re going to try it.”

This is not only an exciting vision to be a part of, but the BGWSS team can provide a practical path and direction for you to follow. We have created a new model for ministry that integrates for-profit entrepreneurship, such as early learning centers, athletic centers, senior services, hotels, and event centers. This enables ministries to discover a new income-stream that can remove the burden of having to pay for day-to-day church operations through Sunday tithes and offerings.

If you’re seeing the red flags of chronic anxiety in your ministry, don’t ignore them. It is also important to come up with a strategic plan for the next 1, 5, and 10 years…and one that doesn’t assume it will be business as usual. Don’t hesitate to reach out to BGW Sustainable Solutions to discuss what change might look like!